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Waterproofing below-grade building structures is a very important step in keeping a building structurally sound and watertight. It will help prevent costly water damage and add value to the building structure.

Over the past three decades, the construction industry has had many technological advances in waterproofing materials. These advances include integral waterproofing systems, and more scientifically advanced membrane materials.

The success of a below-grade waterproofing system, and the selection of the components that will be used within the waterproofing system, will depend greatly on building site conditions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an experienced waterproofing contractor be consulted for planning and installation.

Waterproofing technology has made many advances, however it is still installed the old fashion way:

Sheet Applied Waterproofing
Bentonite sheet waterproofing membranes with expandable bentonite such as Volclay Panels, offer a reliable, low cost means of providing a waterproofing system that is both effective and environmentally friendly. Self-adhering, "Peel and Stick" waterproofing membrane, installs quickly and easily. Peel and Stick membranes eliminated the need for field applied adhesives, thus saving time and labor costs.

Fluid Applied Waterproofing
Liquid waterproofing material (hot or cold) can be applied in many ways. It can be spray-applied, roller or power roller applied, brushed or troweled on.

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