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All roofs fall into one of two major categories:

  • Low-slope roofing systems, roof structures that have less than 3 inches of rise over 12 inches of run, or under a 14 degree pitch.

  • Steep-slope roofing systems, roof structures that have greater than 3 inches of rise over 12 inches of run, or over a 14 degree pitch.

Low Sloped Roofs have been more commonly called flat roofs. The term "Flat roof" however, is really not correct, they really are not flat at all. "Flat roofs" have a slope or pitch designed for water runoff. The slope can be as little as :12 or 2 degree pitch, or as large as a 14 degree pitch. The slope is the most important design in a low-slope roofing system. The slope is what channels the water off of the roof.

There are five classifications of steep slope roofing systems.
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There are literally hundreds of Steep slope roofing configurations to choose from. There are many choices for roof deck materials, insulation types, and roof membrane styles, many factors complicate the roofing selection. A professional roofing contractor should always be consulted to assist in selection and installation of the correct roof system for your particular roofing application.

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