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A Garden roof is like a conventional garden, or small park located on your roof. Garden roofs are designed with hardy plants native to the Chicagoland area, including shrubs, vines and small trees. Architects and building owners install these roofs to save energy, and provide a garden environment for the public to enjoy.

Garden Roofs have many environmental advantages:

  • Garden roofs improve air quality by producing oxygen, while removing toxins and large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air.

  • They also help reduce the "urban heat island effect" by replacing what was usually a heat producing dark colored roof with "cool" green plants. The plants that are used in a garden roof system help reflect the sun's rays, providing shade, and cooling the surrounding air through evapotranspiration.

  • Since a garden roof absorbs less heat from the sun than a dark colored roof, the building it protects also stays cool, requiring less energy for air conditioning.

  • Garden roofs also help with storm water management and water quality. They reduce and slow storm water runoff and filter out pollutants contained in rain water.

Garden roofs are very similar to vegetative roofing systems. The difference is Garden roofs have a deeper growing medium (deeper soil) to support larger plants such as shrubs and trees. A vegetative roof has a thinner growing medium (thin soil) which only supports low growing plants such as grasses and mosses. Garden roofs are also known as intensive green roofs, high profile green roofs and deep profile green roofs.

Installing a Garden roof system requires extensive technical knowledge and experience. Many of the roofing contractors on this site have this experience. To insure that you hire the right garden roof contractor for your roofing project, please contact one of the listed and certified garden roofing contractors.

Contact A Certified Garden Roofing Contractor is a free web service to help you find the highest rated, most experienced, professional, Garden Roofing Contractor in your area. does not collect any personal information from you. Please contact the Garden Roofing Contractor of your choice directly. The Garden Roofing Contractors contact information as well as a link to their web site (when available) can be found below.

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